Friday, April 19, 2019

Cory's Arizona Sunshine Soap

At the end of March my cousin, Cory, visited from Oregon. While I'm sure she visits AZ to catch up with family and friends, I think a big part of her visits here is the Arizona sunshine. She loves the sun and the warmth that Arizona has to offer, especially in March. It is a really beautiful time of year here.

Cory and I at Mangos Mexican Café in downtown Mesa, AZ.

While Cory was here she would come pick me up so we could hang out and every single time she had a Dutch Brother's mocha latte for me and an iced tea for herself. I felt very spoiled! We shopped at antique stores, ate out and spent several hours learning how to play the "Ticket to Ride" board game (thanks for your patience, Will!).

It was great visiting with her and I was especially excited because she wanted a soap specially made for her and she agreed to help me with it. I love showing people how to make soap, especially when they show an interest in the process.

We used the cold process method to make Cory's soap because I wanted two shades of orange. I wanted her to do the hanger swirl and also swirl the top. Unfortunately, both shades of orange are so similar you can't see a difference. Soaping seems to be a perpetual learning experience but I will know better for the next batch.

Cory's Arizona Sunshine Soap

The soap will be listed in my shop at the end of April. I've been using a sample and it's safe enough to list now but I want to give it one more week just to be safe.

The soap has a lovely, creamy lather from the oils and butters (castor, coconut, grapeseed, avocado, olive, sweet almond oils, cocoa and mango butters) and it has a lovely citrusy scent from the orange and tangerine essential oils.

I can't wait for Cory to try it, I hope she loves it!