Saturday, December 5, 2020

TTRPG Soap Series

I've been working on a soap series for over a month, I'm very excited about it because it blends two things I am passionate about. Soap making and Dungeons and Dragons (table top role playing game...TTRPG). 

At the moment my son, daughter-in-law and occasionally two of my grandsons are at the end of our first campaign that we started over a year ago. My daughter and granddaughter were also playing but they've moved out of state.

The ideas for this soap series revolves around D&D because that's the only TTRPG I've played, but I can't use their name since it's trademarked so TTRPG it is. 

These soaps involve some new techniques and ingredients so it's been educational as well. On to the soaps...

TTRPG Tavern Mead Soap. Player characters in any TTRPG need to meet somehow. Or maybe they already know each other. However, many parties meet for the first time in a tavern. It's a place where people congregate so, why not? Maybe a fight breaks out and the strangers ban together to help. Or maybe a stranger shows up looking to hire a few people to help with goblins who have been attacking his farm and stealing his chickens. Somehow the players will ban together and form a party.

The TTRPG Tavern Mead Soap has ale, which gives great lather to soaps. My son Tyler gave me the mead idea, I knew I wanted the soap to represent an old tavern wood floor but my idea didn't go any further and his suggestion was very helpful! The soap has honey because that's what mead is made from. I looked at various mead flavors and ingredients, juniper berry seemed pretty popular. So juniper berry essential oil is the scent for this soap. 

I used the wood grain soap pour and was extremely happy with the results, especially since it was my first time trying it. In order to have a bar with a long enough piece to see the wood grain, the cutting of the soap is a bit different. Because of that, the outside side of the bar needs to be planed...which is fitting since its a wood grain bar. 

On with the story. The players decide they want to ban together to form a party to work together for the greater good and to earn gold. Somehow they find out that there is trouble brewing in a cave in a nearby mountain range so they prepare themselves for their first adventure and begin to make their way towards the mountains on a cold evening just as it is twilight and the stars are coming out. 

The TTRPG Mountain Terrain Soap represents a mountain range at dusk, with stars appearing in the sky. The soap is scented with Ho Wood essential oil. Its a bit difficult to describe the scent, its light, slightly like licorice...real licorice root, not candy licorice...slightly floral and a bit sweet. I sprinkled some tiny biodegradable glitter on the very top.

Whenever a party treks through the wilderness there is usually some type of encounter. A raiding band of goblins, stirges, wolves...inevitably something is going to attack. The third soap is TTRPG Roll for Attack Soap. Whether you're swinging a blade or casting a spell you first need to roll a d20 (20 sided dice) to see if your attack actually hits before you roll for damage. 

This soap represents that nighttime battle with damage being dealt. And each comes with a d20 imbedded on top that I purchased from Easy Roller Dice (no affiliation). The essential oils in this soap are lemongrass and peppermint. Both are great for waking you up and giving you energy, something necessary for every battle!

The last soap in the series is TTRPG Who's Got Healz Soap. Parties may not always have a healer, or maybe someone ran out of spell slots and can't heal. Every adventurer needs to carry a healing potion in their inventory because somebody is going to get hurt. 

This soap comes with a tiny healing potion that will be attached to the label. There are also two "d4" melt and pour imbeds in the soap they also have biodegradable glitter inside...because everyone needs glittery d4's...and d4's are used for rolling the amount of healing done. One clear, glittery d4 imbed is in the black and blue part (think bumps and bruises) and one in the white half. Scented with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, both known for helping with skin issues, it's both a woodsy and fresh scent.

Here's a shot of the clear imbeds with a light shining through...

So that's the TTRPG Soap Series! It will be listed at Joy's Handcrafted Soaps at the beginning of January 2020. 

My next Soap Series is in the planning stages and I can't wait to start on it!

Saturday Morning Cartoons Soap

I love this soap, it smells great, has awesome beneficial oils and cocoa butter and it was fun to put together!

The essential oil used is litsea cubeba. I've never purchased it before and though I had read that it was citrus-ee I wasn't sure what to expect. When I opened it I was pleasantly surprised to find that it smelled like fruity cereal. I knew immediately it was going to be a soap that had something to do with cereal.

The scent took me back to my childhood Saturday mornings and watching cartoons before there were channels dedicated to them.

Once everything was planned I made four very small batches of soap in green, red, orange, and yellow (kind of) with natural colorants.

I then cut the small slabs of soap into tiny pieces and rolled them into pebble-shaped...pebbles. This is actually a thing, when soap is at a certain moldable consistency it can be used as soap dough...kind of like kids Play-Doh. It took a wee while and after three episodes of The Curse of Oak Island, that was done. I let them dry out a bit before starting the milk portion of the soap.

I have this thing where my brain doesn't understand spatial relationships or sizes, it's how I ended up with a 20-quart stainless steel bowl that I can't use and the worlds largest roll of biodegradable bubble wrap (that might be a slight exaggeration). I ended up making twice as much pebble soap than I needed. I poured the pebbles into my soap mold just to check, way too many. After some quick recalculations I continued on and hoped it would look how I had planned it once it was sliced. It did!

The Saturday Morning Cartoons Soap is in the shop at Joy's Handcrafted Soap!