Saturday, May 1, 2021

Spoil Me Soap Series

Months ago my cousin, Cory, and I were talking about different types of soaps.  I honestly don't remember how we started on the Spoil Me Soap series but over the next couple of weeks we bounced ideas off of each other and the following soap sets are the results. 

The Spoil Me Soap Sets consists of three bars.  Both sets will have the Spoil Me - Detox Soap and the Spoil Me - Scrubby Soap.  The Spoil Me - Detox Soap has activated charcoal, eucalyptus essential oil and rosemary essential oil.  Ingredients that are detoxifying and cleansing.  The Spoil Me - Scrubby Soap has luffa, birch essential oil and bergamot essential oil.  The luffa will help exfoliate dry skin and the birch/bergamot blend is sweet and refreshing. 

The difference in the two sets are the Spoil Me - Luxuriously Soaps.  There are two options.  One is scented with sandalwood essential oil, the other has jasmine essential oil.  They both have heavy whipping cream, buttermilk and coconut milk to create a rich, conditioning lather.

The soaps in each set can be used everyday or you may want to alternate the Detox and Scrubby Soaps and use once or twice a week and use the Luxuriously Soap every day. 

The activated charcoal is organic coconut, the luffa is also organic. I find luffa soaps interesting. Luffa comes from the inside of a zucchini looking gourd.  Once it dries its very stiff and scratchy.  When it's wet it is soft and exfoliating.  It also magically disappears ar you use the soap.  The first time I made luffa soap I thought the soap would get used up and you'd end up with an empty luffa. I never see it going anywhere, it just disappears. 

The Spoil Me Soap series is up at Joy's Handcrafted Soaps.  Whatever your skin type it might be a great addition to your routine to keep your skin fresh, clean and conditioned!